What those I've impacted have to say...

Leadership + Talent   Development:

Sam is genuine, sincere, inspiring, positive, humorous, light-hearted, results-and-data driven, and ambitious. She truly cares about the well being and professional growth of her clients. She teaches clients "how to fish" and how to implement daily success strategies. She holds clients accountable. She asks them thought-provoking questions, guiding them through the process and facilitating change within themselves, often surpassing their own limits. She goes above and beyond her call of work. She is excellent at focusing on the "big picture" and creating analytical strategies to generate desired end results. 


 – Jenna 

Director of Partnerships

Singularity University


Sam provides leadership coaching that works. She cares about people and loves to see each client fulfilling their goals. Sam makes every effort to investigate the best path and plan for each individual she works with. She is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, driven leader who exudes integrity and trust. Her advice led me to an extremely successful opportunity.


 – Magaly 

Senior Manager

Maxar Technologies

Sam has deep knowledge of what it takes to help professionals from varying backgrounds and levels of experience build their career. She is committed to her clients and is passionate about helping them achieve their dreams. I know of her willingness to support many people and truly put the needs of others first. Sam is always positive - where others see challenges, Sam sees a problem to be solved. 


 – Dan 

Investor + Board Member

10X Impact


Sam is a driven, empathetic and experienced coach. Her multicultural competency, flexibility, and awareness make her one of the best career coaches I have worked with. She has successfully coached hundreds of people on how to navigate the work world in order to reach their career, educational and life goals. If you are looking for a positive and life-changing experience, I highly recommend her services. Sam is committed to her craft and lives to help others reach their full potential.


 – Rose 

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Spectra 360

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Sam is an excellent coach. I came to her seeking advice for various aspects of my career ranging from getting a promotion to personal branding. She was always extremely resourceful, helpful, organized, and responsive. With her upbeat personality, Sam helped me stay on track towards achieving my career goals. She is genuinely interested in empowering people to grow and succeed. I am grateful for Sam's guidance and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable coach.


 – Bilwa 

Senior Business Analyst

University of California - San Francisco, Medical Center


Sam has the amazing ability to connect with people as well as diverse teams. Whether it's helping her fellow colleagues or professionals she's training, Sam strives to create a supportive and empowering atmosphere where everyone can learn and grow. She is dedicated to continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. She aims to grow relationships but also improve processes for efficiency, which deeply helps the people she serves. Sam is the most well-rounded person I've worked with.


 – Shani 

Administrative Assistant

University of California - San Francisco

Sam is one of the hardest-working coaches I've ever witnessed. Her dedication to those she serves is evident through the tools and strategies she continuously builds and improves. Sam also infuses laughter and wisdom into her coaching in a way that deeply impacts her people. I learned a great deal from Sam and know the same is true for all those who experience her work! 


 – Kaitlyn 

Director of Workforce Engagement


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Sam is an awesome coach who is enthusiastic, empathetic and always goes the extra mile to help her clients. From the start of our career coaching sessions, she was energetic and had a great sense of the challenges professionals face when going through a career transition. Sam was consistent in her communication and effective in delivering holistic coaching. I felt prepared and confident after our every one of our one-on-one sessions. I ended up accepting an offer shortly after. She also provided a lot of useful and practical resources that helped me learn about career development in the technology industry. Sam is a fantastic coach who truly cares about her clients. 


 – Sindoora 

UX Researcher


What those I've impacted have to say...

Career Coaching:

A career change can be overwhelming, but working with Sam made it less stressful. Sam not only helped me update my resume and online presence, but she also helped me develop a narrative for my interviews and networking conversations. The process took significant effort on my part too, but Sam was there to guide me with all of it. While I was applying to jobs, she gave me valuable advice on how to search for jobs and shared a lot of valuable resources. During my interviews, I came across some difficult questions, and Sam carefully guided me on how to answer them. Consequently, I landed interviews, and ultimately a new job. Overall, Sam was excellent at helping me stand out from the crowd of job applicants in a competitive market. 


 – Albert 

Business Analyst

Presidio Interactive

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Sam is the best Coach for anyone who needs career coaching. She is very passionate and always helped me to stay motivated while guiding me with strategic decisions and implementing them. Sam always shares relevant resources, supports you through overcoming difficult situations and inspires you when you lose hope with a career struggle. She encouragingly provided honest feedback and if needed, repeated answers to many questions I had or provided additional coaching in some areas. She always found find time to willingly help me.


 – Nodira 

Software Engineer


Prior to working with Sam, I did not have any idea on how to structure my Resume and LinkedIn. Sam was instrumental in helping me transform my profiles to put my best foot forward in the job search. She made sure that the information I was displaying about myself regarding past experiences and relevant skills on my belt were up-to-date and represented me in the best light. Sam provided her insight on how best to reach out to people on LinkedIn for advice. Never one to leave anyone hanging, she always checked in with me to monitor my progress. Sam successfully guided me on how to respond to interview questions and what to do in job offer negotiations. She also made it possible for me to still keep my confidence intact throughout the whole search process. Her contagious verve and energy continuously inspired me to not give up in working towards my goals. She checked in with me on a regular basis, to track and talk about my job search and paved the way for me to move forward with her engaging and motivational words. I always felt comfortable sharing my struggles and triumphs with her, because she maintained an open dialogue. 


 – Joyce 

Project Manager

Twist Bioscience

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From the beginning of my job search, Sam has been helpful by providing links and webcast sessions to guide me. For my career profiles and documents, I truly appreciated Sam adding notes and highlighting parts of my Resume till it was fully optimized and encouraging me to add important keywords to my LinkedIn. I truly appreciated the mock phone interview I had with her because I had not interviewed in a long time and we had scheduled the call the night before I was to have my first phone interview. It helped me feel more prepared in what to expect during the real call. Whenever I asked Sam a question, she was always there to assist me in difficult situations. I highly recommend working with her.


 – Jenny 

Business Operations Analyst


It was a pleasure to be coached by Sam. She showed me how my skills can translate into different roles, to show my talents in the best light. She always answered my email questions about my Resume and LinkedIn profile. Her insights and links to various articles about preparing for a new career were invaluable. She always had a positive outlook and believed in me during the whole process. I would love to work with her again. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to enhance their career. She will empower you to steer your career in the direction you desire. 


 – Maia 

Media Information Specialist


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