How can I help your  employees?


Most HR/talent leaders reach out to me when their employees need:

  • Needs-based assessments on employee development and learning needs

  • Help to navigate personality differences and team dynamics

  • Training on effective cross-functional communication

  • Coaching on developing further as a leader - leading up, down, or laterally 

  • Guidance on improving performance, based on research, integration, and well-being 

Pricing starts at $3999

Curriculum Design + Development

I create customized curricula through various mediums (written, video, blended, e-learning, in-person facilitation) around the below topics for internal professional development programs. I also manage program operations, execution, and research + evaluation to align talent development needs with business objectives:

  • Competency Modeling

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Career Path Development

  • Performance Management

  • Talent Reviews

  • Succession Planning

  • Workforce Development Planning

  • Millennial Employee Development

  • New Manager Training

  • Senior Management Development

  • Executive Development

Myers-Briggs Certified Coaching

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment is a self-report questionnaire designed to make Carl Jung’s theory of personality types understandable and useful in everyday life. The results will enhance an employee's understanding of self, motivations, relationships, communication, problem solving, natural strengths, and areas of growth. The MBTI can be beneficial for both individuals and professional team building, and is an effective assessment for:

  • Refining professional communication skills

  • Increasing emotional intelligence

  • Enhancing executive presence

  • Polishing presentation skills

  • Improving team effectiveness

  • Gaining insight into personality types

  • Defining and resolving conflict

  • Facilitating brainstorming/problem-solving sessions

  • Adapting to change

  • Streamlining decision-making

Future of Work  Consultation

The growth in online education at public and private nonprofit institutions has created a new league of organizations called online program management (OPM) providers. They offer marketing, enrollment, instructional design and student support services to colleges looking to offer fully online degree or skills-based programs for the digital economy. With the rise of this new market segment (now known as: continuing education program management), and my experience in it, I am frequently contacted by researchers interested in learning about this space, it's potential and the topics below:

  • Coding Boot Camp Space

  • Online Program Management 

  • Digital Economy Workforce Development