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My mission is to elevate others in the transformation of their careers so they can RISE to their full potential.

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— Sam Dias
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Real Talk...

Only 2% of applicants will be called for an interview for the average job opening (Glassdoor).
Research shows that 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become effective will leave their positions within the first year (Go2HR).
46% of Millennials left their last job due to lack of career growth (Inc. Magazine).
68% of workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy (Inc. Magazine).

What does the future hold?

The idea of a single, long-lasting career is becoming a thing of the past (Deloitte):

A career represents our expertise, our profession, and how we achieve our life goals. The impact it can have on our lives makes navigating careers dauntingly difficult.

What if we switch careers and fail?

Then who are we?

A career is something that builds over time and endures. It gives us the opportunity to progress, advance, and pivot. When we want to change our path, what happens to all we have learned? 

Do we throw it all away?

Or can we carry it forward?

​​A career gives us financial and psychological rewards. It makes life meaningful, gives us a sense of purpose, and pays us enough to live well. What happens if our career suddenly becomes less valuable socioeconomically, even if we still enjoy it? 

Should we continue to make less money or

jump to a new path?

I hear you!

Throughout my own career, I have aimed to be the hardest worker, caring colleague, teachable subordinate, inspiring coach, and visionary leader - and had a fair share of highs and lows. 


Having worked in Silicon Valley and coached 20,000+ professionals in 10+ years, I have been a witness to and experienced all facets of challenges in the workplace - fear, unconscious bias, prejudice, lack of recognition,  incompetent management, imposter syndrome, unequal pay, and career opportunities.


No matter what came my way, being consistent in my efforts to become a person of deep faith has helped me overcome many struggles, conquer fear and rise above circumstances.

I'D LIKE to help YOU achieve YOUR full potential...